Grenfell Connect was set up in the immediate aftermath of the fire on 14 June 2017 to signpost organisations that could help those affected by the fire.

May 2018 update: the site now serves as a news sharing site only, and does not represent any community organisations or residents. It is run by one unpaid volunteer.

Original aims, in the aftermath of the fire

Grenfell Connect is a volunteer-run, unaffiliated website which aims to be a central information touchpoint for the community affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

We collated and shared information about organisations, events and meetings set up to help the communities in and around North Kensington.

Our main function now is to share relevant news and events via Twitter and Facebook.

The love, generosity and achievements shown by the huge number of support, volunteer, faith, community, charity, campaigning groups, and individuals has been overwhelming.

Grenfell Connect set out to optimise the aid effort by pooling expertise, experiences and resources, while promoting clearer communication across groups and volunteers as well as the affected community. It aimed to help groups and volunteers to create new partnerships and connections.

It was set up within the wider London community with the help of members of a volunteer technology network. It welcomes any individual or group willing to help in whatever capacity they can. We are unpaid and unaffiliated.

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