Place2Be: Mental health support for pupils returning to school

Mental health support is available to young people affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy who are returning to school.

Headteachers will continue to run parent meetings and provide specialist support and advice for students, as well as providing other support resources for schools.

Place2Be is working with local schools who have identified a need for some additional counselling and will be providing one-to-one support for students, teachers and families when pupils return to school.

Place2Be is actively supporting the North Kensington community by delivering school-based mental health services and, working closely with other agencies, offering assistance for families via the new Support4Grenfell Community Hub.

With established partnerships in a number of local schools, Place2Be is also working with other schools in the wider area, as well as Children’s and Youth Centres, to provide additional support. We are also working collaboratively with other agencies to offer emergency drop-in services for parents, teachers, children and young people alongside full time intensive support.

We have been providing expert counselling and mental health services for children, young people, parents and school staff both immediately after the tragedy and during the summer holidays, and will continue to do so in the months and years to come.

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