Complementary Support Teams UK: supporting Grenfell

Complementary Support Teams UK (CST-UK) has been set up by Jane Lawson, of ‘Natural Approach School and Therapies’ in Gloucestershire.

Firstly set up to respond to Grenfell, it is building momentum and hopes to be able to have enough volunteers to be able to continue to respond to other UK disasters, nationwide.

It’s a charity being set up to really support those in need who are suffering acute trauma and grief, any various other symptoms – in the case of Grenfell, respiratory issues – with different complementary therapies. Whilst counselling is often on offer, Jane says, people need grounding back into their bodies before they are able to talk, and complementary therapies help with this.

CST-UK is offering a variety of free therapies such as aromatherapy, reflexology, massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, talking therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and many, many others.

Nicole is on board as both a volunteer therapist and also holding various press responsibilities, working with various publications, from FHT and their International Therapist Magazine, Holistic Therapist Magazine, to different brands like Base Formula and Weleda, to try and get as mch visibility of the charity as possible – both for therapists who want to volunteer, and survivors who need support. She is also developing them a website and working to support a collaborating charity, Homeopaths’ Support. Here she is with some of the team at their newly-donated Warehouse Space in Westway, near Grenfell Tower:

To get involved, and to keep updated on all the developments, follow Complementary Support Teams UK on social media:

Facebook – Public Group:

Facebook – Therapists’ Group:

Twitter: @CompSuppTeamUK

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