W11 Peace Gardens- Gardening Around Grenfell

Creating mindful spaces across W11

We are a small group of volunteers who met whilst packing boxes at Edward Woods Community Centre. Together with KwaAfrica and guided by the requests and desires of the Community Champions, we have put together both a short and long term plan to pay tribute to those loved and lost and to invest in the long-term wellness of the community.

Our big dream project is a peace garden in the space pictured at the foot of this newsletter. Beginning with a mosaic workshop to bedeck furniture whilst we nurture ideas, we hope to enclose the garden in bamboos, creating a quiet space for meeting. A pergola, a pond, chimes made by children and bejewelled stepping stones, the ideas from residents are endless towards creating a space for reflection and meditation.

In the meantime, we are starting small, painting and planting pots to sit, have your portrait painted at Kids On the Green at the foot of views of the tower from the childrens’ play area. We will be experimenting (using the hundreds of empty water bottles that have passed through volunteers’ hands) to make watering fun for the children, making fountains and sprinklers with piping, shower heads, bottles and basins! Eventually, we hope these pots will form the welcome path into our peace garden.

Thanks to the generosity of gardeners across London, we have a program planned to include border designing, pot planting, taking cuttings, and growing vegetables, with a plan to develop a community allotment site once permissions are granted. Our challenges currently are concerned with storage and site permissions (If you can help with storage we would love to hear from you) but whilst we surmount them you can still help towards beginning the wellness program.

How Can You Help?

Volunteer- If you are a green fingered individual and would like to help guide a workshop we would love to hear from you.

Donate- For our short-term projects we’ll require at least the following, if you or your business might be able to contribute please let us know. We will need larger items later on, so if you think your offering might be best suited later, please email us and we’d love to keep you posted.

Stone/Terracotta pots of all shapes and sizes, acrylic paints and brushes, boat varnish, potting soil and grit, hand tools, plastic piping, a water butt and watering cans, chicken wire and canes, cable ties. Plants and plenty of them- Thrillers, fillers and spillers!

Store- If you have storage nearby that might allow us to begin collecting larger donations, we’d be very grateful to hear from you.

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