Grenfell Legal Support

Grenfell Legal Support (GLS) is a voluntary liaison service between those affected by the Grenfell fire and legal representatives, ensuring they have proper access to justice. We are assisting those affected in terms of highlighting their rights and entitlements, we are observing the legal process and ensuring those affected are treated with respect. WE DO NOT TAKE INSTRUCTIONS.

  • We are not a law firm.
  • We are here to listen, observe and enable those affected by the Grenfell fire – ensuring the immediate and longer term legal needs of the bereaved and residents are being properly met.
  • We are working in collaboration with legal representatives by connecting them with the range of services that are available to victims and their families, and offered by the various disaster coordinating committees and support organisations. We are therefore a bridge of coordination between lawyers and the community.
  • We support on a universal, multi-ethnic, multi-faith basis whilst responding to, and advocating in relation to, issues of cultural sensitivity.
  • We are assisting in advising the residents in the proper methods of retention of evidence, ensuring evidential integrity – as well as the collation of contemporaneous notes. We will be developing innovative, secure ways to collate and schedule evidence, including photographs and videos.
  • We aim to sort fact from misinformation – taking steps to verify the veracity of statements made.
  • We will be observing the processes undertaken in the provision of legal services to ensure vulnerable individuals are not taken advantage of.
  • We aim to provide accurate information to all residents to ensure no one is isolated.
  • We do not seek to take instructions directly, nor do we favour the provision of legal services from particular law firms. However, it is our belief that any lawyers instructed should embody credibility, capacity and compassion.
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