Help the Victims of Grenfell Tower: Localgiving Foundation

The Grenfell Tower Appeal is live and we want to raise £100,000. Can you help us reach our target for much needed aid for those devastated by this tragic event?

How the funding will be spent

At the Localgiving Foundation we’ve been moved by the phenomenal response of the public and inspired by the grit and spirit of such a tight-knit community. The funds raised through this page will be distributed to the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, who are leading the response in the local area. As the full ramifications are revealed, and these needs become clearer, we’ll update each and every one of you on how you’ve been able to help those in need.

How this will benefit the community

While the full extent of the devastation caused by the Grenfell Tower blaze is still unclear, one thing is certain – this is one of the greatest tragedies to hit London in recent years and the community needs as much support as it can muster. Watching as people rally together to provide food, shelter and moral support, has galvanised us to get involved and do what we can to aid those affected.

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