Bags of Love for Grenfell

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Hello! Thank you for visiting šŸ™‚

This page is being run by a campaigner whose uncle sadly passed away on the 14th June.

We have lots of donated toys and we are looking for more as we are hoping to reach as many of the children who lived in Grenfell Tower as possible. Each child will receive a backpack full of age and gender appropriate toys & gifts.

The gifts will be *new* and as much as possible we will work towards meeting particular likes.

For now please contact us via message to give us your child’s age and gender, likes and dislikes. We will soon have a form up for you to use which should make it a bit easier.

The details will remain private and are only for verification purposes and to help select the right gifts.

To potential donators – if you can donate anything please get in touch. Any donations will be very much appreciated. I will be updating regularly with anything specific we need for the kids.

We want to put lots of smiles on little faces in honour of all the loved ones who were taken too soon.



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