Grenfell: The Independent Volunteers Network


The mission of The Independent Volunteer Network is a service that supports the living and well being of families, survivors and those affected by the Grenfell Fire tragedy.

We are a not for profit organisation who initially seek to accomplish the rehousing of those affected by the fire.

Our volunteer network provides help directly and through this page to any who are in need or seeking assistance in overcoming personal crises, where necessary, to refer those seeking help to appropriate authorities, organisations or specialist services; liaising and cooperating with appropriate social, medical, legal, police or other bodies as required to be of assistance to those in need.

The purpose, vision and values of The Independent Volunteer Network will continue to function as a community based organisation providing support that reflects and supports the following statements.


Purpose – to support and empower people and members of the community to move forward with their lives by delivering inclusive and innovative services that are characterised by compassion and social justice.

Vision – to actively give care and support.

Values – the values underpinning our work include: integrity, compassion, respect, vitality, resourcefulness, professionalism, positivity and perseverance.

Values focus – respect for the innate worth, dignity, resilience and uniqueness, clients, volunteers and commitment to the power of community capacity building.

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