BBA: Banks offer help to Grenfell Tower victims

Banks offer help to Grenfell Tower victims

The banking industry recognises that many of those who have lost their homes in the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower have also lost all access to their bank cards, accounts and ID documents and is ready to help.

Banks have been contacting customers to provide assistance and arrange emergency access to funds.

Below you will find details of what the banks are offering, with appropriate helpline numbers.

This is not a comprehensive list of support, but we hope it will provide a starting point for those looking for assistance.

They’re ready and willing to help all those who need it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Local branch staff are helping customers who don’t have their cards or ID to obtain same-day replacements for debit-cards, and are making emergency overdraft facilities available if needed.

Contacting affected customers by text and phone to offer help and assistance.

Branches taking donations of clothes to help victims, and Barclays has set up an account to collect donations for those affected.

Affected customers can call: 0345 734 5345, or contact their local branch.


Contacting affected customers to offer emergency support, and a dedicated team is on hand to help close to the site and in local branches.

Affected customers can call the dedicated support line on 03456 092527.

Lloyds Banking Group (Includes Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland)

Local staff are available on the ground and in branches to provide emergency support for customers who don’t have their cards or other forms of ID.
Emergency funds have been made available to all affected customers.
Affected customers can call: Lloyds on 0345 300 0000, Halifax on 0345 720 3040 and Bank of Scotland on 0345 721 3141.


Contacting affected customers to offer assistance with their immediate financial needs.

Local branch staff are available and ready to help, affected customers can call: 03457 212212.

RBS and NatWest

Contacting affected customers to offer on-going assistance, and helping to support those without access to cash or cards. This includes reordering debit cards back to local branches for collection and making temporary address changes.

Offering customers emergency cash through branches and telephony.

Local staff are on site to provide support, collecting cash and provisions for those affected, in branches across the London and South East. NatWest Notting Hill and Royal Bank High Street Kensington branches are working with customers, who have been provided with Branch Manager contact details.
Affected customers can call a direct number for support.

Call NatWest on 0161 451 0217 and Royal Bank of Scotland on 0161 451 0218.


Local branch staff are helping customers to access their funds, and extending credit where needed.

Affected insurance customers are in alternative accommodation and have been provided emergency funds to cover essential purchases.

In contact with Red Cross, local charities and community centres to determine the best way to offer additional support.

Affected customers can call 0800 0156 382.


Offering a dedicated support team and assistance through local branches to provide emergency cash, arrange replacement cards and any additional support needed.

Affected customers can call 0800 917 23 93.

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