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This listing aims to give an overview of current campaigns relating to the Grenfell Tower disaster. These could include information about Facebook and residents groups can be found here, and lobbying, rights or protest groups.
Working to defend and serve the Lancaster West community. Before the fire that claimed so many innocent lives it was widely believed among Grenfell Tower residents, a belief that still persists among survivors of the disaster, that the cladding had been installed not merely, or even primarily, for the benefit of Grenfell residents, but to …
The Campaign is a community-led coalition established to obtain justice for all the residents of Grenfell Tower and the wider community. The survivors and bereaved families will be leading the campaign, supported by the local community and representative organisations working together in a multi-faceted approach. Our intention is to ensure that there is justice for …
Our aim is to serve the survivors of Grenfell Tower. To aid, to communicate, to inspire and to show solidarity. Join us in our efforts of giving the community of Grenfell an online platform to bring about a positive change.
The Maxilla Social Club has space available to hire and has been used for several community and campaign meetings since the Grenfell Tower disaster.
Facebook group gathering information and news on people missing after the Grenfell Tower fire.