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We offer a suite of programmes. We would like to offer complimentary workshops to the Grenfell Tower community on financial inclusion, employability, unlocking potential, self-esteem building, confidence and aspirations. We offer sessions for adults and young people age 7+.
The Olive Branch Charity was created to provide children/young adults, surrounding Grenfell, with a therapeutic and knowledgeable experience through nature.
We are an award-winning charity offering innovative #education & #employment support, #advice, & #wellbeing activities in North Kensington. #releasingpotential. The ClementJames centre is running a range of groups and workshops to help the Grenfell community. View events here and see flyer below.
The Grenfell Response Team led by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea supports people affected by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower by providing information about financial help, housing, health and other services available to residents. We recognise the important role the community has played in responding to this tragedy and we look forward to …