Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Committee

The Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Committee has a membership of nine Councillors and is currently chaired by Councillor Robert Thompson. The Committee meets regularly and all meetings are open to members of the public, unless otherwise indicated. For information about upcoming meetings dates and associated paperwork, and for full details about the Committee’s membership, please see the Committee documents.

The Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Committee

  • critically evaluates the Council’s Grenfell Recovery Programme
    assesses the decisions of the Lead Member for Grenfell Recovery, Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith
  • hears evidence from survivors, families and residents in order to enable the Committee to make recommendations to the Leadership Team
    makes suggestions that will improve the Recovery Programme and the lives of all those affected
  • helps set the agenda for the Recovery Programme, from the ground, by listening to the concerns of those affected and what is important to them.

Terms of Reference

All decisions, policies, strategies, services and issues relating to the Grenfell Recovery programme.

Scheduled meeting dates


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